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of a rushed world, she was completely forgotten implant Vietnam

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    of a rushed world, she was completely forgotten implant Vietnam: This is an inflammation of the soft tissue and abnormal bone around the bones and support the teeth. Gum disease is caused by toxins secreted by bacteria that are present in the plaque in the gums. Bacteria in the gums will cause gum infection, swelling, pain and further destruction of the bone, if not supported early treatment will cause sore toothache lasts, can lose teeth. To determine the effective way to treat toothache must understand the cause Toothache is caused by several causes, so the pain in each person may vary in the nature, extent and frequency of the pain. The secret to treating these pains is to be properly and properly matched. You can use one of the following six simple toothpastes to check the effect and see how good your condition is.


    Patient factors

    + Bones have sufficient quantity, quality?

    + Gum tissue is thick or thin?

    + Spirit of cooperation with the treating doctor. What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam

    + Financial conditions (using customized abutment or abutment porcelain will greatly increase the cost of treatment).

    Doctor factor: requires experience and specialized skills in surgery, periodontics, prosthodontics.

    When the patient does not meet bone requirements, gum tissue is not good, bone grafting, soft tissue grafting is an extremely complicated task requiring a lot of physician skills, the doctor must have experience, Skillful specialized skills to combine for the best results.

    Dental Implants Factor: Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

    Ceramic technicians must have the skills and experience to make dental porcelain on restoration Implant complicated and require aesthetic higher than the restoration of conventional porcelain.

    + There must be coordination, understanding and good support for the doctor. Therefore, the clinic has a denture clinic that is a great advantage for patients because doctors and technicians work together to get the best results.

    Material Factor: Dental tourim in Vietnam

    The abutment (the intermediate to fix the porcelain teeth, connected to the implant cylinder buried in the jaw bone) made available usually does not result in beautiful gum aesthetic because it cannot be designed according to the gingival border.

    In the case of thin gum tissue, the gray metallic titanium of abutment will glow, the gums will not look natural.

    + Aromatic porcelain abutment (zirconia) will be designed separately for each specific case. Zirconia has a higher biometric compatibility than metal, the color of the gingival lines of porcelain restoration is much more beautiful.

    + Customized abutment (abutment designed for each specific case) will help to better restoration. The most important is to help the gum tissue heal better, easier to clean, help to limit the inflammation around the Implant, from which the implants will last longer, more sustainable.

    In order to achieve optimum results, restoration of the gingival tissue is a highly demanding skill of the physician, with a combination of many factors. Time-directed gum regeneration is longer than implantation. Patient collaboration is also an important factor. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

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