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stroke patients who often have dental in Vietnam?

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    stroke patients who often have dental in Vietnam? bridges are 2 methods of optimal dental restorations took on both the aesthetic and functional chewing. For patients with missing teeth or teeth due to accident indicated forced to spit out serious pathological deciding what to choose implants or bridges as well as the wonder of many.

    The following criteria should be selected for implant placement or dental bridge:


    Aesthetics What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam

    The first requirement in cosmetic dentistry is the aesthetics when choosing to use the service. Basically, the aesthetics of these two methods are almost the same. However, the implant is a little bit more because the teeth will be in place to attach teeth, the side teeth are kept natural.


    Bridges: Include at least 3 porcelain teeth. Lost teeth will be replaced by porcelain crowns above the gums.

    Implant: Includes an implant head, an abutment (metal pin) and a porcelain crown

    Technical implementation Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

    Bridges: Grinding teeth 2 adjacent to the missing teeth (called crowns) to bridge the teeth to fill porcelain fill teeth.

    Implant: Not grinding real teeth. The doctor inserts the implant into the jawbone and attaches the porcelain crown to the top.

    Degree of invasion

    Bridges: Because of having to grind 2 side teeth, it will affect your 2 real teeth.

    Implant: exists independently, does not invade the real teeth

    Prevent bone Dental tourim in Vietnam

    Bridges: Due to the structure of the bridge, it does not function to prevent bone loss at the position of missing teeth

    Implant: The implant is placed on the jaw bone, which helps prevent bone loss. In addition, the benign implant head, which is highly biocompatible, is implanted directly without needing to separate the gums so it will not hurt the patient during or after treatment.


    Bridges: The life span of bridges is from 5 to 10 years. Thorough care can take decades to come

    Implant: if performed at a reputable, good quality and properly maintained institution can last for several dozen years to come to I-DENT dental implant center to be warranty lifetime.

    Cost Saigon Vietnam dental implants

    Choosing an implant or bridge depends on the condition of each person at the expense of the service. With the convergence of modern dentistry achievements, Implant has many advantages and is also popular choice. Therefore, implant costs are slightly higher than dental implants. (depending on the type of implant and porcelain that you choose)

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